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EMS Funding Shortfall Covered By Revenue From Rescue Run Bills



Brett Kolb, Fulton County auditor, said the county general fund received a $335,333.59 share of the money received from EMS bill revenue collected during 2013.

Kolb said the county collected $839,500.59 from the bills sent out for EMS runs in 2013.

Fulton County commissioners voted to set aside 60 cents of every dollar collected from EMS billing to support EMS services. The remaining 40 cents goes to the county general fund.

Therefore, in 2013, Kolb said the county paramedicmanpower program received $504,167 from bills.

The program funds five advanced life support ambulances staffed with paramedics, and pays for additional manpower for three smaller fire departments.

The county general fund benefitted by $335,333.59 from EMS bills.

Currently, each county fire department receives $100 for each rescue run it makes.

However, Kolb said that’s only if the county collects at least $100 from the bill.

For example, if the county gets $105 from a rescue run bill, the fire department receives $100, and the county keeps $5.

But if the bill generates only $98, the fire department gets nothing, and the county keeps the full amount.

During 2013, Kolb said fire departments received $198,500 from the $100-perrun arrangement.

Kolb said in 2013, the county paid the seven Fulton County fire departments $1,708,000 to operate ALS ambulances and provide additional manpower, $299,215.63 more than the county two-mill ALS levy took in. The levy was first passed in 2001.

When the additional $198,500 for the $100-perrun payments is factored in, that leaves the EMS program $497,715.63 in the hole.

The difference was made up by the $504,167 share EMS received from billing, leaving the EMS system account $6,451.37 in the black for 2013.

Over the years, the EMS system account has accumulated about $3.3 million in surplus funds.

The county fire departments and the Fulton County commissioners will begin negotiating new contracts for EMS services starting this fall.

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