Archbold, OH

Emergency Repair On West Holland Street Prevents Pavement Collapse

Archbold Village Council authorized a payment of $30,000 to Krueger Construction for repair of a section of West Holland Street at its Monday, Aug. 20 meeting.

Which is a good thing, because the project is already complete.

Donna Dettling, village administrator, said the repairs in the 700 block of West Holland Street were done on an emergency basis.

In a later interview, she said recent rains caused significant settling in that portion of the street, creating the possibility of the pavement collapsing and creating a hazard.

Dexter Krueger, assistant village engineer, said village officials wanted to get the project finished prior to the start of the Archbold school year, today, Wednesday.

Dettling explained the cost was technically above the level at which the village would have to seek competitive bids; but because the project was considered an emergency, Krueger Construction was called in.


Council also approved hiring a consultant to help with the construction of a new water tower.

Roger Baker, an engineer, was hired as a consultant, at a cost of $41,200.

Dettling told council by hiring Baker, the village is “hedging its bets” so that there will be no mistakes and no surprises in the construction.

Baker will work with the village from now through the design, construction and initial operation of the water tower.

Dettling told council Baker knows water systems, and has done engineering work on the Archbold Water Treatment plant.

A new water tower is needed to replace the 60-year-old tower located at the corner of Oak and West streets. While functional now, it needs to be replaced.

The new tower will be constructed on land at the northwest corner of East Lutz Road and Co. Rd. 22. The village initially purchased the land for an additional reservoir.

The site is advantageous, because its elevation is higher than other parts of the village.

Kevin Morton, councilman, asked about involving the Fulton County Commissioners in the water tower project on a cost-sharing basis.

Dettling explained county officials may want to pay for increasing the size of the tower to address water pressure issues in Pettisville.

Details such as size and cost are not complete until more information is obtained, Dettling said.

Current plans call for the village to accept bids on the project and start construction next year.

Council also briefly discussed the possibility of increasing the capacity of the village wastewater treatment plant.

Dettling explained the village might have to add more capacity to the plant if the need arises for economic development.


Council approved two actions involving repaving of roads that are partially in and partially out of the village.

Approved was an action al- lowing village officials to advertise for bids for the resurfacing of a portion of Cldye’s Way.

Krueger said the project will include paving at the Clyde’s Way-East Lutz Road intersection, north about 600 feet on Co. Rd. 22 to the point where the road tapers to create a left-turn lane, and east from the intersection about a half mile to the village limits.

Also, repaving of the 100 blocks of both East and West Lutz Road is included.

Krueger said some areas that will be repaved are outside village limits, but there are informal agreements in place regarding maintenance of those sections.

The engineer’s cost estimate for the project is $375,000.

Council also approved village participation in the Ohio Public Works grant program for repaving a portion of West Barre Rd.

The grant program is commonly known as “Issue 2” funding. The name comes from the statewide issue number on the ballot that voters approved.

Krueger said the road would be repaved from the end of the concrete at the intersection of West Barre Road and South Defiance Street, east to the bridge east of Clyde’s Way.

The preliminary cost estimate is about $350,000, he said.

Krueger told council the amount the village will seek from the grant has not been determined.

The village can ask for as much as $325,000 for the project, but if the request is reduced to $275,000, there might be a higher chance of getting the grant approved.

All councilmen were present, and all votes were unanimous.

The next meeting is Monday, Sept. 10, 7 pm, in council chambers.

The date is a change from the regular first-and third- Monday council meeting dates. For September, council will meet on the second and fourth Mondays.

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