Archbold, OH

Emergency Planning An Important Task

Be prepared. That’s the motto of the Boy Scouts of America.

And certainly, it’s good advice for everyone, from the individual all the way up to the national level.

Fulton County is working toward becoming better prepared for emergencies by creating a new emergency management organization that will look at emergency preparedness in the county, and work to fix problems.

It’s an important job, one that certainly needs doing. Even if we are perfectly prepared for disaster, there’s no harm in double-checking.

Archbold Village Council voted Monday night, May 21, to be part of the organization.

Justin Thompson, Fulton County Emergency Management Agency director, said county officials started to put the new organization in place some time ago, but never completed the job.

In a busy world, it’s certainly easy to understand how projects can get pushed aside by seemingly more important items, all of which scream, “deal with me now!”

Many can berate Fulton County for letting the new emergency management organization fall behind, but that’s not what’s important.

The important thing now is to push forward and get the job done.

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