Archbold, OH

Elementary School Earns ‘Overall A’ From State

Dorothy Lambert, Archbold elementary principal, told the Archbold School Board the elementary school received the “Overall A Award” from the Ohio State Board of Education at the Monday, March 11 school board meeting.

The award recognizes the accomplishments of the school on the state school report card.

Lambert recognized all those involved including school staff, students, and the community for the work that went into the tests, which make up a majority of the report card grade.

Lambert said that as of March 4, there were 84 students registered to start kindergarten in August.

That, she said, compares to 61 registered students at the same time as last year. “We know that number will rise,” she said.

In response to a question, Lambert said there are five kindergarten teachers at the elementary school, which should be enough for the incoming class.


Matt Shields, middle school principal, said students there raised more than $600 for the Fulton County Heart Radiothon, held Thursday, Feb. 14.

Shields said rather than have students try to raise large sums of money, each was asked to get four 25- cent pledges for doing exercises throughout the day.

They reached an 80% participation goal, and a song was played over the Archbold radio station and dedicated to them.

Shields said improvements have been made to the public address system at the school.

It was determined through drills that when emergency announcements were being made, students couldn’t always hear them.

He said speakers in halls, locker rooms, and the shop could not be heard over usual noise levels.

New speakers were added to some places. Also, strobe lights were added to speakers in the band room and industrial arts building as a visual signal that an emergency message was coming through.

Shields said the amplifier for the system was upgraded as well, resulting in major improvements.

All board members were present.

The next meeting is Monday, April 15, 5 pm, at the high school media center.

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