Archbold, OH

Electric Substation Fence Damaged In Attempted Burglary

Archbold Police officers investigated an attempted breaking and entering at an electrical substation in the village.

The police report states the attempt occurred sometime Thursday, Nov. 15. The suspect damaged a fence at the substation on E. Holland St.

Mark Durbin, a Toledo Edison spokesman, said electrical substations are very dangerous places.

“That’s why we have high fences, barbed wire, and danger signs around them,” he said.

Earlier this year, in eastern Ohio, a thief attempting to steal equipment from a substation was electrocuted. He died from his injuries.

“With the (high) price of copper, everyone thinks substations are an easy mark. But they’re a very dangerous place to be. If you’re fumbling around in there, you could be seriously injured, if not killed,” Durbin said.

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