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Eight Juveniles Charged With Theft, Vandalism

Archbold police have charged eight juveniles, boys and girls ages 13 to 15, in connection with theft and vandalism cases.

Martin Schmidt, police chief, said officers are still investigating the case. He said police aren’t sure exactly which cases the youths are responsible for.

The case broke about 2:45 am, Saturday, Nov. 12, when an officer patrolling in the alley on the east side of the 200 block of South Defiance Street, discovered two vehicles that had been vandalized “with some type of blue substance and toilet paper.”

The officer then spotted subjects running in the 200 block of South Defiance Street.

A second officer turned his patrol car into the alley on the east side of the 200 block of South Defiance Street, and observed two male juveniles running to the west.

“I exited my patrol car and began running westbound after the youth. As I did, one juvenile came back to me and said they did not do the vandalism,” the officer wrote in his report.

“At this time, a second juvenile came back.”

Admit To Theft

The report states the two boys stated they had not committed acts of vandalism, saying they were done by a sister and friends. The boys admitted they were responsible for thefts of cash and candy from a sport-utility vehicle owned by Maria Gwen Maley, 208 South Defi- ance Street. The vehicle was parked at her residence.

The two boys, both age 13, one from Archbold and one from Ridgeville Corners, were charged with juvenile delinquency by way of theft and curfew violation. They were released to adults.

In searching the area, police found a total of two pickup trucks, two cars, and a sport-utility vehicle that had been vandalized.

Some vehicles were vandalized with spray paint, and paint was wiped on the exterior wall of a garage. Total value: about $762.

Girls Charged

Based on information provided by the boys, police later charged four girls, three age 13, one 14, with juvenile delinquency by way of criminal mischief and curfew violations. All are from Archbold.

Two of the boys charged in the theft from the vehicle case were also charged in connection with the theft of cigarettes from the front porch of Chad E. Hobbs, 520 South Defiance Street.

Two other Archbold boys, ages 13 and 15, were charged in connection with the theft from the Hobbs residence.

Hobbs told officers the thefts occurred starting Monday, Sept. 19, and continued through Monday, Nov. 7.

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