Archbold, OH

Efficiency Apartments Get Council Okay

Archbold Village Council granted the approval necessary for Kent Clair, Archbold, to create up to three efficiency apartments in a building at 105 Depot St.

In a public hearing before its Monday, Dec. 4 meeting, council approved a recommendation from the Archbold Planning Commission allowing the three apartments in an area zoned B-1, central business.

Apartments are considered a “higher use” than commercial business.

Archbold Planning Commission voted during its Oct. 30 meeting to recommend council allow the non-conforming use.

Carma Grime, planningzoning inspector, told council Clair plans to do the remodeling of the building himself.

She said Clair has trouble keeping the space at the front of the building rented for commercial business, “as is apparent all around the town.”

Clair, who attended the meeting, told council for now, he can only do one of the three apartments he is proposing because there is only one sanitary sewer line into the building.

The other two, he said, will have to wait on the reconstruction of Depot Street, when a second sanitary sewer line to the east side of the building can be added.

He said Depot Street was supposed to be reconstructed during the summer of 2017.

He said he could have the first apartment done, then find a client looking for short-term storage in the remaining part of the building “until we figure out this fire truck deal.”

In the planning commission meeting, Jeff Fryman, mayor, said the Depot Street reconstruction is set for 2018.

Grime said the apartments will be one bedroom with a separate bathroom. There will be a living space, with a kitchen along one side.

They will be suitable for one person or at the most, two, Grime said.

Parking will be on the east side of the building.

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