Archbold, OH

Economic Development Discussed At Council

Lisa Arend, Fulton County economic development director, visited the Monday, May 20 Archbold village council meeting to talk about a new approach to the subject.

In a later interview, Arend said county officials are moving toward a team concept of economic development.

The shift began late in 2012.

She said as part of the team concept, county offi- cials want to improve communication among the county, villages, and townships.

Dennis Howell, village administrator, said the village economic development team is made up of the mayor, council president, and himself. He said Arend asked if council wanted to include more council members on the village EDC team.

Howell said no decision was made. Council has taken the question under advisement.


Council learned Frank D’Amrosia, superintendent of the village wastewater treatment plant, received the W.D. Sheets award from the Ohio Water Environment Association.

A letter from the group states the award is presented “to a person active in the field of education, and demonstrates outstanding accomplishment and service in the field of training and education of students for positions in the area of operation and design of wastewater facilities.”

The same organization presented the village Wastewater Department with the Facilities Image award, which honors members who have enhanced the physical image of their workplace by cleaning up their own work facilities.

“The result of this upgrade shall be the presentation of a better image for our profession as viewed by the general public,” the letter said.

Exec Session

Howell said council spent about 15 to 20 minutes in executive session during the meeting.

Stated reason for the closed-door session was property matters. No action resulted from the executive session.

Council reviewed meeting minutes from the finance and utilities committees, the street department labor report, and the engineering project status report.

The next council meeting is Monday, June 3, 7 pm, in council chambers.

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