Archbold, OH

Economic Development Coordinator: Is 30 Hours A Week Enough?

The village of Archbold is seeking a person to take on the job of economic development coordinator, a position advertised as averaging 30 hours per week.

What’s expected of the new position?

The person is charged with recruiting new business and industry to the community. That in and of itself is a huge job. It takes a lot more work than simply hanging out a shingle and waiting for the offers to roll in.

The person is also going to be responsible for retaining businesses the community already has. That involves making contact with company leaders and asking what they need, and what the village can do for them. That, too, takes a lot of work.

To use a popular expression, “But wait, there’s more!” Brad Grime, mayor, wants the economic development coordinator to work to fill vacant village storefronts. That involves analyzing what businesses would fit in the available spaces, locating such businesses, and making pitches.

The village also wants the EDC to work on getting more housing. The last major development in Archbold was in the 1990s; if there’s money to be made on building homes and subdivisions right now, wouldn’t private developers have stepped up?

The job description calls for someone with specialized skills, a knowledge of the industry, experience, and a long list of contacts in a variety of fields.

That’s a lot to ask of one person working 30 hours a week.