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eBook Use Jumps At Library

The use of “eBooks,” books which are read on electronic devices, has risen dramatically at Archbold Community Library.

In January, the number of eBooks circulated through the library was up 90% from January 2012. In February, eBook circulation was up 68%.

During the Wednesday, March 13 library board meeting, Joyce Klingelsmith, director, said the Archbold library has patrons who check out eBooks through the library website, but don’t visit the library building.

“They get the library card, saying they want to use eBooks,” she said.

“Whether they are listening to audiobooks, or reading eBooks, they are engaging with books in some way.”

Jay Budde, a board member, said he knew of at least one “mixed marriage,” in which the husband enjoys print books, while the wife prefers to read books on her electronic e-reader.

The board also discussed future staff training.

The library will be closed Friday, April 12, so staff can attend the Ohio Library Council chapter conference in Toledo. The event will serve as a staff development day.

This year, a series of workshops will be offered at the conference. Klingelsmith said she is asking library staffers to attend at least three.

One topic covers the first 30 seconds after a patron steps up to the checkout counter.

Library staffers will also attend workshops on new rules for cataloging materials in the Library of Congress system.

A staff member will also meet with representatives from the Ohio Historical Society about digitizing old records.

“Digitizing” is the process of converting old paper records into a digital format that can be stored on a computer.

“We have three boxes of things in our storeroom that we don’t know what to do with,” Klingelsmith said.

If library officials decide to have the old records digitized, the paper records would be sent to Bowling Green, then the information would be stored on the Ohio Historical Society website.

“We could link to (the OHS website) from our website,” Klingelsmith said.

Budde asked how it is determined what records to save. Klingelsmith said she couldn’t answer specifically.


Klingelsmith told the board it will soon be time to renew membership in NORWELD, the Northwest Ohio Library District.

She said she has not been notified what the renewal will cost, but it has not gone up for several years.

In addition to discounts from companies that supply libraries, NORWELD hosts and provides technical support for the library website.

“It doesn’t cost that much for the benefits we get,” she told the board, which approved rejoining the organization.

The board also discussed, but took no action on, job descriptions for Klingelsmith and Jennifer Harkey, fiscal officer.

Budde, who was part of a committee charged with preparing the descriptions, said the library board’s job was to hold Klingelsmith and Harkey accountable.

How could they do that without a job description, he asked.

Job descriptions are taken from models in a library board of trustees’ handbook, and modified for the local library.

The board will review the proposed job descriptions and vote on them at its next meeting, Wednesday, May 8, 7 pm, at the library.

Parking Lot

Klingelsmith said the parking lot south of the library building needs attention.

The asphalt surface is cracked, she said.

The last time the parking lot received any work was several years ago. No action was taken.

Beverage Policy

Also discussed was the library policy on beverages.

The policy allows nonalcoholic beverages in covered, preferably hard, containers in the library, not near the computers.

The policy had not been promoted, the board was told.

Teri Krebs, board member, was absent from the meeting. All votes were unanimous.– David Pugh

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