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East Holland Street Project Substantially Complete: Seaman

Reconstruction of a section of East Holland Street is substantially completed, and was opened to traffic Friday, May 24, the project deadline.

That’s what Bob Seaman, village engineer, said.

While the project is “substantially” complete, it is not 100% finished.

Village officials have conducted their final inspection, and there are a few miscellaneous items that need to be wrapped up.

Seaman said there is a utility pole near the southeast corner of the intersection of East Holland Street and the alley on the east side of North Defiance Street that needs to be replaced.

The pole is owned by CenturyLink, a village telephone service provider, but most of the wires attached to it belong to Toledo Edison, the village electricity provider. Seaman said TE will replace the pole.

Once the pole is replaced, a small area around it will need to be paved with asphalt.

The project included rebuilding about a one-block portion of East Holland Street, a portion of the alley from Depot Street south to the village parking lot north of the Norfolk Southern tracks, and a portion of that parking lot.

The project also included underground utility work.

Seaman said final inspection revealed some “bird baths,” or areas where water stands in the alley. That will be corrected, he said.

Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, was the low bidder for the work, at $267,962. After the project started, village officials added work to the project through change orders, upping the overall contract price.

Seaman said the project was on budget. “There was nothing found we weren’t aware of,” he said.

Lindau Street

The next street reconstruction project is Lindau Street.

Under the project:

•Lindau Street will be rebuilt from Short-Buehrer Road to Schlatter Street.

•West Lugbill Road will be rebuilt from Buehrer Street to 150 feet west of Lindau Street.

•Schlatter Street will be rebuilt at the Lindau Street intersection.

There will be new storm and sanitary sewers, along with new waterlines.

Streets in the neighborhood will have curbs and gutters.

Miller Brothers Construction, Archbold, is the contractor, having bid $679,042.50.

Seaman said he anticipates the company will start construction after the July 4 holiday.

South Defiance Street

There will be no construction on the South Defiance Street repaving project during 2013, Seaman said.

The project calls for the repaving of South Defiance Street from the Lafayette Street-West Barre Road intersection to the Brush Creek bridge.

The project is unusual, in that while officially an Ohio Department of Transportation job, being done with ODOT money, ODOT has turned over the design, construction administration, and inspection of the work to the village.

ODOT refers to the procedure as “local let,” which means “let locally.”

Advertising for bids for the work won’t happen until December.

Construction won’t start until spring 2014.

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