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East Holland St. Home Bought By Council

With an eye towards future development, Archbold Village Council has agreed to purchase a home at the corner of East Holland Street and Vine Street.

Council approved the action at its Monday, Feb. 21, meeting.

The home was purchased from Ray Walz for $79,100. Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said Walz has purchased another home and will relocate in April.

The house is adjacent to a village parking lot east of North Defiance Street, be- hind the buildings on the east side of the street in the historic downtown district.

It could be razed, and the land converted to additional parking in the future.

For now, Howell said council’s Buildings and Grounds subcommittee will study what to do with the home in the short term. He said it will probably be rented. Housing Council

The village Housing Council has met and reviewed tax abatement agreements under the Community Reinmillage vestment Act law.

Howell said of the 11 agreements reviewed by the housing council, six had exhausted the length of the contracts. They were recommended to expire.

One agreement with Bink LLC, was nullified after two years, at the request of the property owner.

The local corporation owns the Stotzer building, which houses the studios of radio station WMTR and restaurant Stella Blue.

Howell said the school donations required by the agreement were actually more than the tax the corporation was paying for the improvements to the former hardware store.

Also, the Housing Council chose to appoint Dave Manahan and Jared Diller, Archbold, to the Housing Council. They join Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, and Melanie Nagel, who were appointed by Wyse; Christine Ziegler, who was appointed by the Archbold Planning Commission; and Vaughn Bentz and Kevin Eicher, councilmen, who were appointed by council. Final Change

Council approved a final change order for last year’s miscellaneous concrete street repairs.

The final change was a decrease of $3,951.95, for a final contract price of $90,469.05.

Birchwood Construction and Excavating, Defiance, was the contractor.

Howell said the change reflects adjustments for the actual amount of materials used. No one item stood out in the change order, he said.

The next council meeting is Monday, March 7, 7 pm, in Archbold Council Chambers.–David Pugh

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