Archbold, OH

Earth Week Lives In Archbold Year ‘Round



Earth Day was yesterday, and this week is Earth Week.

Earth Day was originally celebrated in 1970 to bring attention to the degradation of the environment, mainly from pollution.

Since the first Earth Day, there have been many changes, as everyone from elected leaders to private citizens understands the importance of clean land, water, and air.

Citizens of this area are the original environmentalists. It began with farmers, who knew they were stewards of the land. They have practiced conservation and protected the soil for future generations from the beginning, in 1834.

Years ago, Fulton County established a recycling program so citizens could deliver materials to be reclaimed and kept out of landfills.

Later, Archbold Village Council brought convenient curbside recycling to the community.

Today, our school district, with the cooperation of many others, is on the path to harvest energy from the wind, cutting down on consumption of polluting fossil fuels.

Officials at Northwest State Community College are discussing sustainability, the idea of creating a society that can live within its means.

Our area has practiced earth day for generations. We will continue exploring ways to improve.

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