Archbold, OH

During Fire Prevention Week, October 7-13, 2007, we encourage you to take time and thank the members of your local Fire Department!

The Archbold Fire Department has had the opportunity to serve you over the past 131 years and appreciates the support you have given over those years.

The department continues to be a volunteer department, even though it now has five full-time personnel, including Andrew Brodbeck, full-time Fire Chief; Russ Wyse, 2nd Assistant Chief who also serves as a paramedic; Rod Cheney, Ada Davis, and Ben Kohler, three full-time paramedics.

The department has 39 mem – bers, who serve as emergency medical technicians as well as fire – fighters.

As department members plan for their annual fund-raiser, the Nov. 17 feather party, they hope to raise funds to purchase items they feel are important to their mission and help them best serve the greater community.

This year the department is try – ing to raise funds to purchase another thermal imaging camera. The department currently has one of these cameras, and it has proven to be a priceless piece of equip – ment during firefighting opera – tions. It offers firefighters visual opportunities during a fire and in heavy smoke due to its heat-sens – ing functions.

The funds needed to cover this project are approximately $12,000.

AFD appreciates your continued support.

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