Archbold, OH


Do Your Kids Have Them?

A small amount of a material suspected to be marijuana was found on Archbold High School property last week.

Right now, there is no proof Archbold students are involved.

If school kids are involved, do they realize what they are risking? Do they know it’s a criminal offense? Do they know they could be expelled?

Isn’t it time for parents and school offi cials to take a more proactive approach toward the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse? Is it time to bring dope-sniffing dogs into the schools? Is it time to begin locker searches?

Are kids not getting the message that marijuana is a gateway drug, inviting them into a world that includes killers like crack cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin?

Is anyone telling our precious children that substance abuse can claim their future, their body, their soul, even their life?

Some would say we’re getting too excited about a little weed, but we want this stopped now, before a little weed becomes a little crack or a little meth.

We don’t want to see exciting futures become a lifetime of chemical dependency.

We want all drugs out of our school. Period.

Isn’t it time for parents to take control of their kids? It takes more than classroom teachers.

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