Archbold, OH
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Drugs Are Here

Recent items in this newspaper remind us again and again drugs, including homemade methamphetamine and homegrown marijuana, are part of the local scene.

Fulton County was recently part of an airborne marijuana eradication effort. There were 547 plants observed from the air in Fulton County, far more than anywhere else in the area. The second largest number of plants was found in Williams County, with 219. There is an indictment in connection with a meth lab in Archbold. An indictment is an accusation; it is not proof of a crime.

Even so, it serves to remind us serious, dangerous drugs were manufactured in our town.

Illegal drugs are here. We cannot give up the effort to stop them.

A responsibility of newspapers is to publish information and expose wrongdoing. Readers rely on newspapers for the truth.

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