Archbold, OH

Driverless Vehicle In April 6 Crash

A car without a driver backed across the Dollar General parking lot and crashed into a second about 6:01 pm, Saturday, April 6, an Archbold police report states.

A car owned by Selene Gonzalez Gutierrez was parked facing east, in spaces closest to South Defiance Street.

The report states the driver thought the gear selector was in park. The engine was left running.

In reality, the car was left in reverse. It backed across the parking lot and struck a second parked car owned by Roberta Jean Roose, Archbold, which was parked facing west in the row of parking spaces nearest the store.

Because the cars were unoccupied when the crash occurred, the police report does not identify the subject who left the Gutierrez car unattended.

There were no injuries.