Archbold, OH

Downtown Restrooms For Residents, Guests

Archbold is busy preparing for the summer season. There are a few things the village could do to make it more convenient and appealing to village guests.

There should be suitable signs directing travelers to our parks informing them where picnic areas and restrooms can be found.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Council constructed public restrooms in the historic downtown district for the convenience and comfort of visitors?

A public restroom facility could be part of the infrastructure for the continued renaissance of downtown. It could be seen as the next step, after the reconstruction and beautifi- cation of the historic district.

A public restroom would end the awkward moments of people coming off the street and asking merchants to use their facilities.

The naysayers will begin howling that it can’t be done, but it can. Grand Rapids, a community that depends on downtown traffic for its livelihood, has a very nice public restroom, complete with a small sitting area with decorative planters. It is built to be easily maintained, with vandal-resistant fixtures.

Archbold is constantly reinventing itself– a downtown restroom can be the next step in the ongoing renovation.

Isn’t it good community planning?

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