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Downey Objects To Hiring New Administrative Assistant

Over the no vote of John Downey, the Archbold Area School Board voted to create a new position in the administrative office.

The board voted 4 to 1, with Downey as the lone no vote, to hire Toni Babcock, Archbold, to the position of administrative assistant during its Wednesday, Aug. 22 meeting.

“I want to make it perfectly clear this is nothing in regards to Mrs. Babcock. I feel that this is an additional expense to the district, an expense we can do without,” Downey said.

Jon Lugbill, board president, said, “this is a very needed position, with all the extra demands placed on our administrators.”

He said with cost savings the district has realized, the additional expense of the assistant position “is a wash.”


In an interview after the meeting, Joe Long, interim superintendent, said in addition to being a receptionist, Babcock will prepare school board packets, post revised policies and procedures, distribute information and calendar updates, prepare news endar updates, prepare news releases, and prepare materials for negotiations.

In addition, Babcock will assist Michelle Bagrowski, curriculum director, and do other projects.

Christine Ziegler, district treasurer, said Babcock will receive $15.05 per hour for 238 days over 11 months, at six hours per day.

That works out to $21,491.40 in gross pay for a one-year contract.

Long said she will be eligible for school district benefits. She will not be a member of the Archbold Education Association, the teacher’s bargaining unit.

The position was advertised through the Internet. There were 60 applications.

Long said Babcock served in a similar capacity for several years at Lugbill Supply Center in Archbold.

“She’s had many years of experience meeting the public and being a friendly face,” Long said.

Parliamentary Flap

There was a bit of a parliamentary procedure flap related to the new position.

Usually, the board passes actions by subsection. In the case of personnel actions, there may be several individual personnel actions lumped under a subsection called “personnel recommendations,” which would be voted on all at once.

When the board reached the personnel recommendations subsection, Downey asked to pull the hiring of Babcock out of the personnel recommendations and act on it individually.

Lugbill said technically it’s too late to alter the agenda.

That, he said, should have been done earlier in the meeting, under a subsection specifically dedicated to approving the meeting agenda.

However, Lugbill said he would bend the rules and allow Babcock’s hiring to be removed.

Other Personnel Actions

There were several other personnel actions, which passed unanimously.

Supplemental contracts were approved for Brenda Beck, high school math teacher, as junior class advisor, and Royal Short, AHS principal, for service on the Local Professional Development Committee.

Student workers Skylar Gericke, Garrett Grime, and Ethan Warncke were approved.

The board also approved Kristin Fonseca and Daniel Davis as classified substitutes.

Gloria Beck received a one-year contract as a bus aide. Amy Baden resigned as freshman volleyball coach, but was approved as a volunteer volleyball coach.

A list of high school and middle school athletic workers for the school year were approved.

The board also voted to alter its meeting time for the next few months.

Regular monthly meetings for Sept. 24, Oct. 15, Nov. 19, and Dec. 15, all Mondays, will start at 5:30 pm.

The Jan 7, 2013 meeting begins at 6 pm.

Executive Session

The board spent approximately 90 minutes behind closed doors in executive session.

Stated reason for the secret meeting was to discuss the employment, promotion, demotion and/or compensation of public employees.

No action resulted.–David Pugh

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