Archbold, OH

Dowdy Now Chamber Director

Marsha Dowdy, assistant director of the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce, has taken over the directorship.

Mark Hagans, chamber president, said Anne Kindinger, who started the job, Monday, Jan. 4, withdrew from the post, citing personal reasons.

Hagans said Dowdy was offered the position and accepted the job, Friday, Jan. 8.


Dowdy has been the assistant director for two years, starting when Mari Yoder was the chamber administrator.

Dowdy said she did not apply for the top job when Yoder left the post to join Northwest State Community College. She said she decided against applying to be chamber director because she had only been in the offi ce a few months.

She also worked under Nanette Buehrer, who took over in June 2008. Buehrer left to work for Fairlawn Haven, Dec. 31, 2009.

Dowdy said the time she has spent in the chamber offi ce is an asset to her as director.

“I’ve been able to see how the office operates,” she said.

She also has experience in retail business. For 12 years, she managed one of her parents’ businesses, The Unique Little Gift Shop in Archbold. Her parents are Marv and Sharon Lantz.

“My goals are to serve the business community, to help grow our businesses by bringing people into town with events, and to bring community members into our businesses,” she said.

“I answer calls all the time” from persons who have questions about the village and its companies. It’s another way she helps bring people into local businesses.


Dowdy said her first challenge will be to hire an assistant.

“We need to get someone very qualified in to work with me.

“This office needs to work like a well-oiled machine, and we need someone in here who can handle that,” she said.

Hagans said the chamber board will meet Wednesday, Jan. 20. The opening for an assistant will be discussed at that time.

Dowdy said she’s excited to take on the new job.

“I feel after working with Nanette for the past year and a half, she did a good job of training me.

“I feel very much at peace with this decision, and I am looking forward to the job,” she said. –David Pugh

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