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Dorosz, Rupp Join Pettisville Schools

Rebecca Dorosz

Rebecca Dorosz

Magic Island Pettisville School students will see two new faces in their hallways when school starts Thursday, Aug. 23.

Rebecca Dorosz joins the Pettisville High School staff as an English and creative writing teacher, while Nancy Rupp, Stryker, will take on guidance tasks for kindergarten through sixth graders.

Dorosz, of Pettisville, will teach eighth grade English, freshman and junior English, and creative writing.

She will also be the assistant varsity volleyball coach.

A 2002 PHS grad, she received her degrees from the University of Toledo in 2006. She holds a bachelor’s in education, with a major in adolescent education; and a bachelor of art degree with a major in English, with honors.

She did student teaching in junior English at Archbold High School, and was a long-term sub at Fayette and Pettisville high schools.

“Mrs. Nicole Schrock was my English teacher at Pettisville High School. Her love of literature and writing, along with her creative teaching style inspired me to become an English teacher.

Nancy Rupp

Nancy Rupp

“As I prepared to studentteach, she encouraged me to contact Mrs. Deb Roach, her own high school English teacher and inspiration, who taught at Archbold High School.

“I worked with Mrs. Roach and found her to be an incredibly gifted teacher who has since retired.

“Due to relocation, Mrs. Schrock left her post at Pettisville, where I have been given the opportunity to teach.

“I find it interesting (and somewhat intimidating) that I am able to be part of this line of outstanding teachers.

“I look forward to joining more amazing educators this year at Pettisville,” Dorosz said.

“The Pettisville community was so generous to me as I worked my way through the school system. I am thrilled to return to the Pettisville School District and work with such a strong and supportive staff and community.”

Nancy Rupp, Stryker, is a 1965 AHS graduate. Her undergraduate degree came from Adrian College in 1969, followed by a master’s degree from Bowling Green State University in 1970.

Her degrees are in elementary education, with a guidance certification, and an administrative certification.

Rupp taught for 10 years in the Bryan School District, plus 28 years in Archbold Area Schools.

She and husband Doug Rupp have two sons, Noah, 27, and Jacob, 21.

Her interests outside teaching include collecting antiques, travel, gardening, walking, and reading.

“I simply love working with children,” she wrote in a questionnaire.

“After the retirement incentive at Archbold, I was convinced that I was not ready for retirement full-time.

“I have always been impressed with the administration, staff, and students at Pettisville. I am thrilled to be part of this system, and look forward to starting day.”


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