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Door-To-Door Salesman Spurs Suspicious Activity Reports

Thom Ross, Archbold police chief, cautions residents not to allow strangers into their homes, after suspicious activity reports involving a door-to-door salesman.

Betty L. Britenriker, 73, 106 Grassy Lane, told officers Thursday, May 23, at about 7:15 pm, a person came to her door, selling magazines for a fund-raiser.

Britenriker said the person asked to use the bathroom, which she allowed.

Later, Britenriker noticed a piece of jewelry was missing, but the person then told her he found it in an unusual location. He returned the jewelry.

Police said in their report they could not locate or identify the person for questioning.

Two days later, on Saturday, May 25, Helen Eash, 86, 406 Stamm St., told officers at about 3:30 pm, a man came to her door, attempting to sell magazines to raise money for a school trip.

While at the Eash home, the person asked to use the bathroom.

Later, Eash noticed several drawers in the bathroom were left partially open.

Another person told offi- cers the same person came to that person’s door to sell magazines, and also asked to use the bathroom.

Nothing has been reported missing, the police report said.

Ross suggests residents not to allow strangers into their homes.

“If you don’t know them, there’s no reason to let them in your house,” Ross said.

He also urges residents to call the police.

“Whenever you feel you have witnessed a suspicious situation, give us a call. We’ll check it out,” he said.

Under the Fulton County 911 emergency dispatch system, if someone is under duress, they need not speak to a 911 operator. Just dial 911, and leave the phone off the hook.

The 911 system can trace the call, and police will be dispatched to the scene.

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