Archbold, OH

Dogs And Cats vs. Humans

Recently, there have been questions of the efforts we as humans make to rescue dogs and cats.

The question is, why are we spending time and resources on saving pets and other animals while people suffer poverty, homelessness, and sickness? Should human suffering be the priority?

People in dire straights must be cared for, and Archbold contributes to alleviate suffering, both in our community and around the world.

From a few items donated to the local FISH food pantry to the thousands of dollars raised to provide clean water for Haitians, few communities do more than Archbold.

But this suggests another question. Can’t we do both?

Our pets are brought into this world solely to be our companions. They look to us for everything: food, shelter, and care for their health. They depend on us, not just for their physical needs but their complete well-being. They need to be wanted and needed, just as people do. We are responsible for them, just as we are responsible for one another.

When we abuse animals, we reveal the uglier side of humanity that should never see the light of day.

We can reach out and lift up the downtrodden, whether they walk on two or four legs.

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