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Dog Warden Cites Two In Village

Brian Banister, Fulton County dog warden, has written citations in connection with two cases in the village of Archbold.

Banister cited Kelly Plassman, 301 North Street, in connection with an altercation between her dog and Kathy S. Biggers, 54, a United States Postal System employee.

The police report states Plassman was taking the dog inside the house when it slipped free and ran up to Biggers, who was in the driveway. The report states the Plassman dog jumped on Biggers, causing a wound that punctured the skin on Biggers’ left forearm.

The report states Biggers went to Community Hospitals & Wellness Centers- Bryan to have the wound treated.

Banister said medical officials could not determine whether the Plassman dog had bitten Biggers or if the injury was a scratch.

Banister said the dog is being kept in quarantine as a precaution. Plassman was cited for failure to keep the dog confined.

In the second case, Banister said a dog owned by Scott Skiver, 406 West Street, was running at large the morning of Thursday, Sept. 12.

“She was going to visit the neighbor dog,” Banister said.

Skiver was cited for failure to confine the dog and failure to register the dog.

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