Archbold, OH

Dog Owners: Be Responsible

While a dog provides wonderful companionship to all members of the family, not everyone wants one. Dogs require lots of responsibility. Having a pet gives parents an opportunity to instruct children in responsibility, and the joy thereof. It teaches duty, like taking care of one’s house and yard.

It follows that townspeople who choose not to own dogs should not be forced to put up with Fido’s droppings or continuous barking.

Complaints are constant about dog owners being inconsiderate of the neighborhood. Pets leave messes behind and their barking is annoying.

Some property owners are not good citizens, and often times are unpleasant neighbors. Anyone who has ever scraped dog manure from the tread of an athletic shoe knows exactly the problem.

The issue is particularly irksome when it comes to public spaces, such as our beautiful parks, sidewalks, or anywhere. The village must be kept clean, sanitary, and welcome to all.

Being a good resident is a big responsibility. A few inconsiderate citizens can cast a heavy, nasty shadow over the town.

It is a thoughtful citizen who keeps a ready supply of plastic bags on hand to pick up dog doo. It is a great citizen who retraces Rover’s steps with shovel and bucket or plastic bag.

It takes only moments to do the right thing, and save another from having a whole day ruined.

Be good to your town. It is rewarding to all.

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