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Dog Dilemma Ends

The tale, or tail, of the Archbold “Dog Dilemma” has come to a close, as Fulton County officials have ended their inquiry.

The incident involved a woman in Archbold who was reportedly keeping as many as 26 dogs and 11 cats in a mobile home. Henry and Fulton county humane societies removed some of the dogs, and found homes for the cats.

Pete Skeldon, county dog warden, and his deputy, Brian Bannister, were upset, because they believe the case should have come to them, rather than the humane societies. Instead, they learned about it through the newspaper.

The case apparently had its origins in the Fulton County Department of Job and Family Services. Because the agency operates under strict confidentiality rules, the public will never really know what happened, or what role DJFS played.

The Fulton County Commissioners office had announced an investigation into the incident, but then said no written report was, or would be prepared. That seems unusual, but probably has to do with DJFS confidentiality requirements.

While the case leaves us scratching our heads, the good news is the Archbold woman received the help she needed.

In the end, that’s what’s important.

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