Archbold, OH

Does Commissioner Trust County Voters?

Paul Barnaby, Fulton County commissioner, stopped a proposed sales tax hike from going before Fulton County voters, Thursday, Aug. 16.

Voting against placing a half-percent sales tax hike on the ballot, he effectively stalled the issue until at least March 2008.

County government, particularly the general fund, is in the same boat many businesses are in: revenues are flat or falling, while expenses continue to rise. County commissioners have cut, and cut, and cut from the budget.

But without the sales tax increase more cuts will be needed in the future, and services to the public will suffer. It could translate into longer waits at county offices, more holding time on the telephone, and offices open fewer hours.

If the county financial outlook continues to spiral downward, it could mean fewer sheriff deputies to respond to calls.

No one wants to pay more taxes, but the Aug. 16 vote by the commissioners wasn’t about implementing the tax; it was about putting it before the voters. The voters must pay the tax- so let them make the decision.

Barnaby’s action says he doesn’t trust Fulton County voters. Politicians ask us to trust them- shouldn’t that trust go both ways?

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