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‘Divine Intervention’ Allows Summer Shindig To Proceed



Rhonda Leininger, executive director of the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce, said at about 10 am, Friday morning, July 23, there was no way the Summer Shindig could go forward.

“It was raining steady. It was a downpour,” she said.

And yet, the event was held in clear weather that evening.

“I had to run to Defiance about 1 (pm), and it was still raining. But on the way back, as I got closer to Archbold, I could see breaks in the clouds and patches of blue (sky).

“It was divine intervention,” she said.

On, Off, On

Friday morning, the event was cancelled.

“I was 100% thinking there was no way we could pull this off,” she said.

Her biggest concern was she had rented a large television screen to show a movie. The screen comes on a trailer.

She had planned to park the trailer in the green area east of the pavilion.

With all the rain, she believed the trailer, and the vehicle that pulls it, would leave large ruts in the green space.

So, Friday morning, she announced the cancellation.

But then Jennifer Kidder, Archbold Parks & Recreation director, suggested parking the screen and its trailer on asphalt-covered parking spaces on the north side of the green space. Problem solved!

So, Leininger announced the event was back on.

About 150

For a first-time event, Leininger said the Summer Shindig went very well.

Besides the movie, the event included kids crafts, face painting, bounce houses, and lots of food.

“There were people spread out. Throughout the hours it was open, there were probably 150 people there,” she said.

“There were a lot of families. I really have to say, people had been asking for things to do. That was real great. People enjoyed it.”

The Archbold Lions Club cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats. Leininger said they sold out– twice.

After the first sellout, Leininger said someone made a trip to the store and brought back more food. Then they ran out of food again.

Leininger spoke to a family that just moved into the village. They stayed for dinner, enjoyed ice cream from an on-scene ice cream truck, and watched the movie. They said they were looking forward to the event next year.

Is Summer Shindig a doover?

“As far as I’m concerned, it is,” she said.