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Distrust Of Deskins Why?

There are citizens in this community who are disappointed with David Deskins’ leadership, as superintendent of the Archbold Area School District.

They see him as the reason for a lot of changes they don’t like, such as cuts in programs and increases in property taxes.

Deskins has been the victim of a rumor-and-whisper campaign for some time.

It’s time to set the record straight.

When David Deskins reported to the job, the Archbold Area School District was in a severe financial crunch. While he didn’t do it alone, he was instrumental in cutting more than $1 million from the school district budget, and getting a small property tax levy passed.

It wasn’t his mess, but he cleaned it up.

He’s held the line, as much as possible, on spending increases. One place he did increase funding was for permanent improvements; in other words, repair and maintenance of district assets. That’s good stewardship, a concept Archbold supports.

Those who scoff at the wind energy project should be aware that so far, the project has not only realized significant savings, but Deskins has managed to fund up to 70% of the proposed wind turbine through grants, with few local dollars.

David Deskins is a top-notch administrator. The Archbold Area School District is lucky to have him.

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