Archbold, OH

Dirty Campaign

Stains Election Turnout

It was a sad day in Fulton County history last Tuesday. Only 36 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the Nov. 6 election. It is not admirable of a great county. It is a poor reflection of the people and a stain on our reputation.

Our county has 28,276 registered voters. Only 10,259 marked ballots last week in the general and special primary election.

The special primary was required because of the Sept. 5 death of Paul Gillmor, fifth district Congressional Representative.

In the general election votes were cast for village council members, township trustees, and fiscal officers, in addition to money issues.

The rainy, chilly day probably kept some voters away, even though weather has been worse on many other election days.

Voter apathy or lack of interest in candidates and issues is a growing problem in our great nation.

But the nasty, unpleasant campaign for the Congressional Representative probably is the major reason 64 percent stayed away. The charges and countercharges by Steve Buehrer, Delta, and Robert Latta, Bowling Green, Republican candidates, infuriated voters. Negative advertising was spun out by both campaigns.

Fulton County voters saw the effects of big money in the fall campaign.

Buehrer and Latta received large contributions. Each received thousands of dollars from the Washington-based Club for Growth, as reported to the Federal Election Commission.

During just one reporting period, Oct. 4 through Oct. 12, Latta reported $27,353 in contributions from the Club. Buehrer reported $39,969 in contributions from the Club.

Will it keep citizens from voting Dec. 11, when Latta faces Robin Weirauch, the Democratic candidate from Napoleon?

The special Congressional election is less than a month off. Latta and Weirauch will work hard for every Fifth District vote. Hopefully the candidates keep the campaign informative and positive.

Voters need to give consideration to both candidates. They need to learn everything possible about Weirauch and Latta.

No one should reject Weirauch because she is a female. There are many women serving in elected positions at local, state, and national levels.

No one should vote for Latta just because his father was a US Representative for 30 years.

Consider the candidates for their assets and liabilities. Learn as much as possible about each one.

To those who didn’t vote Nov. 6, we say shame on you. There were important money issues for German and Franklin Townships and the Pettisville school district.

It’s not necessary to cast a ballot for every candidate or issue, but it is your important duty to vote in every election.

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