Archbold, OH

Difficult Choices Impossible Decisions

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all faced with difficult choices and impossible decisions.

No decision is more important than whether or not to have children attend school.

There are those who insist that youngsters return to the classroom next month. There are solid reasons to do so. Remember, school is about more than academics. School is a big part in teaching youngsters social skills, including how to get along with one another.

There are those who insist that youngsters stay home from school, lessening the possibility of contracting the virus, not just to protect them, but to protect parents, grandparents and others.

We all accept some risk in our lives. Those who want a return to the classroom point out children are at risk every day of being struck by a car or being injured falling off a jungle gym or being hit in the face with a baseball, or 10,000 other things. Coronavirus is just another thing.

Those against a return to school say there are foolish risks no one should take, like jumping off the roof of a house or playing in traffic. We don’t have to risk contracting the virus!

The countywide school reopening plan proposed by superintendents states, “…any student who attends school will incur some level of risk.”

It will be up to the parents of each child what level of risk they’re willing to accept.

For some, it will be a difficult choice. For others, it will be an impossible decision.