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Memorandum from David Deskins, Superintendent, Archbold Area Schools

DATE: July 17, 2008
FROM:  DAVID DESKINS, Superintendent of Schools
It has been brought to my attention that, yesterday, a business in town received a phone call from someone who reported they worked for a publishing company and were advertising for athletic programs or posters on behalf of the Archbold schools or the OHSAA.  The Archbold Area Local Schools have not authorized this contact and this is a telemarketing effort to raise funds from local donors before school officials are aware it is occurring. 
I am choosing to respond swiftly to this very first effort in order to help protect each of our local businesses from being taken advantage of.  It is common that companies of this nature will make dozens of calls within days of each other to try and raise money unsuspectingly.  The callers may advise they are „working‰ with the school officials or the OHSAA to develop these items when, in reality, they have had no contact with the school and have obtained your company‚s information from former or current athletic programs in which you may have sponsored a legitimate event.
Our local support and trust from our business leaders is too strong to ignore this phone solicitation effort and I wanted to work swiftly to pass this information along to as many of you as possible to help prevent any misunderstandings.  I would ask each of our local business representatives that if they receive such calls, they should try to obtain the callers name, company, phone number and address and direct the individuals back to Mr. Gladieux, the school‚s athletic director who oversees such activities.  If you are successful in obtaining an individual‚s name or company, please forward this information back to school officials.   
I just wanted each of you to be aware of this attempt that has NOT been endorsed by the school district.  Please know that this memorandum is for informational purposes as I am committed to protecting the outstanding relationships that exist between Archbold‚s leaders, businesses and schools. 
Dave Deskins
Archbold Area Schools
600 Lafayette Ave.
Archbold, Ohio 43502

The Archbold Buckeye has posted this in cooperation with the Archbold Area Schools.

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