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Deskins Is Not The Problem

A storm is raging in our school between Archbold Area School District teachers and administrators.

That storm seems to have found its lightning rod: David Deskins, the superintendent.

Most of what the public knows about the storm comes from off-the-record, behind the-scenes voices.

Deskins, the voices say, caused the problems. Deskins poisons the morale of our teachers. Deskins leads by fear and intimidation.

Let us look, then, at Deskins’ record.

He arrived to find the district in fi- nancial crisis. Two school operating tax levies failed. With his help, a third, reduced levy, passed.

Finding expenses exceeding revenues and the district’s financial house out of order, he, with the help of others, found ways to slash $1.5 million from the budget, with minimal impact on students.

He worked through long and diffi- cult contract negotiations with district teachers.

Few choose to remember that Deskins operates at the behest of the elected school board; he acts on their orders. Was it not Deskins who recommended Kevin “Scoop” Miller for the coaching job that was taken away from him by a board decision?

From this newspaper’s viewpoint, Deskins has led our school district through difficult times, with a tight budget.

Getting rid of Deskins won’t solve any problems.

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