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Deskins Era Ends

David Deskins leaves a large legacy as he departs the Archbold Area School District, where he served as superintendent for six years.

He has taken a job as director of human resources at the Penta Career Center, Perrysburg.

Most visibly, his legacy will be represented by the giant wind turbine. This fall, it will be turning and generating electricity, while high school students, for the first time, will carry their school-provided tablet computers to classes.

The legacy can be seen in the entrance to the high school; where, under his tenure, the district added six banners proclaiming Archbold an Excellent, or Excellent with Distinction school district.

Of course, Deskins will say he didn’t do it alone, and credit many others.

While he might prefer to be thought of as just a small spoke in a big wheel, his role has been greater.

In spite of the positive things Deskins accomplished, there are those who disagree with his leadership. In some cases, disagreement turned into personal dislike.

When he arrived, Deskins faced a school financial crisis, with two failed levy attempts. At one point, school district officials were talking about the need for $3.5 million additional property tax dollars. Later, while Deskins was in charge, a $1.1 million levy was passed. Deskins has found himself in the midst of contentious negotiations with the teachers during his six years as superintendent.

He and the school board have been forced to manage shrinking tax revenue and declining state support. They have had to make difficult, unpopular decisions to balance the budget.

His tenure at Archbold will draw mixed reviews, but on the whole, the good far outweighs the bad.

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