Archbold, OH

Design An Ad Benefits Youth

This week’s issue of the Archbold Buckeye includes the annual Design An Ad special section. Fifth and sixth graders in Archbold and Pettisville schools creatively design advertisements for local businesses.

It’s always exciting to see what concepts and ideas youngsters develop in their advertisements. There’s cleverly written copy, plus interesting artwork. It is interesting to see what kids can do with a sheet of paper, a felt-tip pen, and their imagination.

There’s more to Design An Ad. Students learn the importance of correct spelling and grammar. They’re taught that correct details are a must.

They learn about the community, and how successful local businesses support their schools. They learn what products and services the businesses offer- things the students need to know.

Design An Ad exposes youth to possible career fields they might like.

Design An Ad would not be possible without the support of local businesses. When needing goods and services, support them. It’s a victory for everyone.

Good products and services are available here at home, from friends and neighbors you can trust. Businesses want good customers, and want children to have a great learning experience.

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