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Deputy Backs Into His Own Vehicle

A Fulton County sheriff deputy backed his FCSD patrol car into his own parked sport utility vehicle, an Archbold police report states.

The deputy, Jay A. Detmer, 30, Archbold, was backing his patrol car out of his own driveway about 12:20 am, Monday, July 31, when he struck his own SUV, which was parked near the end of the drive.

Roy Miller, sheriff, said an incident report on the accident was filed at the sheriff department.

An FCSD supervisor went over the incident with Detmer to cover “how we could prevent this from happening again,” Miller said.

“If there is another incident, then we will go to progressive discipline.

“I believe the vehicle was repaired last week.”

The plastic bumper cover on the patrol car was broken. Miller said the repair cost $800.

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