Archbold, OH
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Mostly clear

Defiance Street Railroad Crossing To Be Repaired

Bob Seaman, Archbold village engineer, said Norfolk Southern railroad workers will be in town to make repairs on the Defiance Street crossing this week.

During an interview, yesterday, Tuesday, Seaman said he did not have a definite date for the work.

A number of factors influence when a repair crew will be available, including the weather, work schedule, and availability of materials.

The repair is temporary. In about two months, NS workers are expected to replace the current asphalt crossing with a rubberized crossing.

Seaman said he did not know how NS would deal with traffic while workers were on the job.

He said when the current crossing repair was done, traffic was restricted to one lane, but two-way traffic was maintained.

Hot, Cold

When the crossing was last repaired, NS crews used a material called “cold mix,” a type of asphalt that can still be worked with a shovel or rake when cold.

The new repair will be made with “hot mix,” which is delivered from an asphalt plant while still hot. Once it’s in place and cool, it can’t be worked.

Seaman said hot mix is much more durable than cold mix, but is less convenient to use.


The southernmost track in the crossing was dug up and a portion was replaced in February, after an inspection showed an internal defect in a section of rail.

Since that time, the southbound side of the crossing has had a temporary patch.

NS will rebuild the crossing, replacing the rails of the two main-line tracks.

Archbold Village Council approved spending about $103,000 to have NS upgrade the crossing over the standard asphalt paving.