Archbold, OH

Defiance County Commissioners Concerned

Defiance County commissioners have made it clear. They are not interested in moving St. Rt. 66 to Domersville Road in their county. Period. Stop. End of story.

But with the latest news of their opposition comes some further clarification of their reasoning. Before, it always centered on the Tinora schools.

The Defiance County commissioners say the Tinora high schooljunior high building, and for that matter, the new elementary school, is too close to Domersville Road if it becomes a state highway. That was the objection they brought up when the whole idea of a new St. Rt. 66 alignment was first proposed.

But, in recent interviews with the Archbold Buckeye, the Defiance County commissioners brought up another issue: retail development on the present St. Rt. 66 north of Defiance.

Defiance has experienced a retail boom of sorts. There are two big-box home improvement stores, chain restaurants, supermarkets, a shopping mall, car dealerships, department and specialty stores, hotels, and other businesses that have developed on St. Rt. 66.

The Defiance County commissioners recognize those businesses need highway traffic driving by.

Archbold has its own retail community, yet community leaders are pushing to direct traffic away from retailers.

While the potential for industrial job growth is great, do the Defiance County commissioners know something we don’t?

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