Archbold, OH

Death Of A Soldier



The news that Brandon Kreischer, a United States Army soldier, was killed in the service of his nation, Monday, July 29, in Afghanistan, has struck Williams County and the rest of Northwest Ohio hard.

According to the Bryan Times, Kreischer, a 2018 Bryan High School graduate, reportedly wrote in his BHS senior memory book, “Throughout my life, I’ve had one huge goal, that was to enlist in the Army as an infantryman and I achieved that goal on April 25, 2017. It was, without a doubt, the proudest day of my life.

“I am very proud to be an American. I believe that whatever cause America believes in, I have an obligation to believe in, because I am a patriot. If I die in a combat zone for America, I do not call it tragedy, I call it glory.”

With the potential for a long life ahead of him, Brandon heard the call of his nation, and became a soldier in the famous 82nd Airborne Division, opting to risk his own life to protect the interests of this country.

Unlike other countries– and America in years past– the United States no longer forcefully conscripts soldiers into its Armed Forces. Those who serve, choose to serve of their own volition, of their own free will.

Service in the U.S. military is honorable and noble. It is accepting a bond between fellow service members that is nearly impossible to break. It is swearing an oath to a country, to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Now we join his loved ones in grieving his loss. We hope they find some comfort in the knowledge that his death came while he was in service to the nation.

For his sacrifice, all Americans owe him a debt, one that can never truly be repaid.