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Dealing With The Cold

It appears the days of dangerously cold temperatures are over for the moment, as weather forecasters are predicting temperatures as high as 50 degrees later this week.

There were reports of people who died from the cold in the region. Anytime a life is lost in any way that could have been prevented is a tragedy.

But those of us in Northwest Ohio are of hearty stock. We have been through intense cold before and know how to deal with it. All of the usual rules apply: dressing in layers; hats, gloves, scarves; avoid having skin exposed to the cold.

Northwest Ohio was not the only region hit by the cold. Temperatures were so cold in Florida, reports said Iguanas were falling out of trees. As cold-blooded creatures, the Iguanas’ metabolism slows in cold weather to the point they become unconscious and fall out of the trees. When the temperature warms, they wake up again.

Of course, we should not laugh when those to our south discover that ice is something more than the cubes put in a drink. Even so, it’s hard not to chuckle when they complain about temperatures in the 30s!

The best, however, might be a social media post from Heidi Heitkamp, a United States senator from North Dakota. She posted a photo of the capital building with a light dusting of snow and wrote, “In North Dakota, we don’t call this a “snowstorm.” We call it “Thursday.”

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