Archbold, OH

Crosswalk Planned Near Memorial Park

Archbold Village Council will paint a crosswalk on Lafayette Street between the Archbold High School parking lot and Memorial Park next year.

Councilmen discussed such a crosswalk during its Monday, Aug. 6 meeting.

Vaughn Bentz, councilman, said several people park at the high school, then walk across Lafayette Street to Memorial Park to watch baseball games. Rather than walk to the crosswalk at the east end of school property, they cross where it’s convenient.

Kevin Morton, councilman, suggested putting crosswalk signs in the middle of Lafayette Street during the summer months. Stryker, he said, does something similar.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said he parks in the Archbold Elementary School lot– but admitted he does not walk to the elementary school crosswalk before crossing the street.

Dennis Howell, village administrator, said painting the crosswalk and adding signs would not be a big expense.

Morton said drivers have not been speeding down Lafayette Street, but it was noted some westbound traffi c, headed out of the village, has been recorded going 60 and 70 miles per hour.


Council approved extending the village contract with Stuckey Brothers Contracting, rural Archbold, for another year.

The firm hauls “biosolids,” which are more like a slurry.

The material is stabilized, treated solids that are a byproduct of the wastewater treatment process, Howell said.

Stuckey Brothers hauls the material from the wastewater treatment plant and applies it to wheat fields after the wheat has been harvested. The biosolids have value as a fertilizer.

The company charges the village 2.83 cents per gallon to haul the sludge. The amount of gallons is partially determined by volume, and partially on the percentage of solid material in the slurry.

This year, Howell said Archbold paid the company $81,406 to haul away biosolids from the treatment plant.

The contract expired on June 30, Howell said.

Kenny Cowell, councilman, said Stuckey Brothers has not raised its price to haul biosolids since 2006, “and they do a good job for us.”

Council reviewed zoning, police and finance reports, along with the Ohio Gas Company pass-through bill.

Executive Session

Council met behind closed doors in executive session for nearly 17 minutes during the meeting.

Stated reason for the closed-door session was real estate matters. No action was taken when council returned to regular session.

Jeff Fryman, councilman, was absent.

The next council meeting is Monday, Aug. 20, 7 pm, in council chambers. Council will hold a work session following the meeting.–David Pugh

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