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Creek Cleaning, House Demolition Discussed

The German Township Trustees discussed the proposed cleaning of Brush Creek and the possible demolition of a home on Co. Rd. A at their Monday, Feb. 25 meeting.

Brush Creek passes around and through the east side of Archbold, and cuts through the village on the south side, near the Archbold Cemetery.

Brush Creek was the main water supply before the construction of a pumping station on the Tiffin River, north and west of the village.

Kenneth “Skip” Leupp, a trustee, said the proposal is to clean the creek, removing debris from Co. Rd. D to the Fulton-Williams County Line slightly north of Fulton Co. Rd. A and Henry Co. Rd. W.

Leupp said several years ago, it was noticed that the “new” normal water level in the creek was “considerably higher.”

Road tiles were submerged, and the discharge from the Archbold Wastewater Treatment plant was level with the creek level.

Under Ohio law, a petition can be presented to the county commissioners to have the creek cleaned.

The cost is assessed to landowners whose properties drain into the creek.

Leupp said a petition to have Brush Creek cleaned was filed in 1997, but did not move forward.

He said 20 years down the road, the situation has not improved.

Grant money had been received to remove dead ash trees within 100 feet of the creek, but the grant does not cover removing trees from the creek itself.

He said there are five log jams in the creek.

If the project moves forward and the creek is cleaned, the law calls for it to be put under a maintenance program, which provides funding for continued cleanings.

Further meetings between the trustees, engineers from the Fulton County Engineer office, Archbold officials, and representatives of Fulton County Soil & Water Conservation are planned.

Leupp described the status of the project as “the kickstand is up, and pretty soon we’ll be having some hearings.”


The trustees also discussed a plan to demolish a house at the intersection of Co. Rd. 21-3 and Co. Rd. A.

Records available online through the Fulton County Auditor office show the property is owned by Marlene J. Foor, Wauseon.

The roughly 2700-squarefoot house has deteriorated. Joe Short, president of the trustees, said no one lives in the structure.

Attempts have been made over the last three years to have the structure removed, but Short said previous attempts to have the demolition paid for with grant funding have not met deadlines, so the process has to start over again.

Short said Fulton County has $150,000 set aside to remove blighted properties. He said the application process just started again.


During the meeting, the trustees signed documents releasing Rover Pipeline, the company that built a natural gas pipeline through German Township in 2017, from requirements to repair damage done by construction.

Once the pipeline was completed, a two-year time period was established. During that time, problems caused by the pipeline, such as damaged drainage tiles, were repaired by the pipeline company.

Josh King, township road superintendent, said he was unaware of any pipeline-related problems.

The trustees also discussed a proposed increase in the state gasoline tax and new legislation that imposes stricter guidelines for cemetery operation.

Short said Bob Apger, cemetery sexton, keeps township cemeteries in compliance. The new legislation creates more paperwork, he said.

The trustees also approved the purchase of a new chainsaw for King and Jeff Aeschliman, township road maintenance worker. The two are authorized to spend up to $500.

King said the saw would be purchased from a local business.


The trustees shared information indicating two bridges in the township will be replaced this summer by Fulton County.

One is located on Co. Rd. 24, about two-tenths of a mile north of Co. Rd. G. The second is on Co. Rd. F-G, about four-tenths of a mile west of Co. Rd. 26.

There are 43 bridges in the township, the most of any of the 12 county townships.

Gorham Township is second, with 37.

All told, there are 270 township bridges.

Eight German Township bridges have been replaced since 1997.

The next meeting is Monday, March 11, 7 pm, at the German Township building.

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