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County Unemployment Down Nearly 2 Points

Unemployment in Fulton County during April was 12.6%, the lowest in the four-county area during the month, according to statistics from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

The unemployment rate was down 1.8 percentage points from the March figure of 14.4%. While the rate dropped between March and April in all four counties, the Fulton County decline was the largest, followed by Henry County, 1.5 percentage points; Williams, 1.3;

and Defiance, 0.8.

ODJFS reported between March and April, unemployment in 87 of 88 Ohio counties declined.

During April, ODJFS said there were 2,900 persons unemployed in Fulton County and seeking employment. Combined with the 20,000 persons who were working, the Fulton County total labor force was 22,900.

Williams County had 2,800 out of work in April; Defiance County, 2,700; and Henry County, 2,200.

Despite falling unemployment, ODJFS estimates indicate 72 of Ohio’s 88 counties had unemployment in double digits.

During April, Clinton County, in southeastern Ohio, had the highest unemployment, at 17.7%. Delaware County, in central Ohio, had the lowest.

County unemployment is not seasonally adjusted. Unadjusted unemployment rates in the state and nation were 10.7% and 9.5%. With seasonal adjustments applied, the figures are 10.9% for Ohio, and 9.9% for the nation.


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in the Four County area

County Feb10 Mar10 Apr10
Fulton 15.7 14.4 12.6
Defiance 14.4 13.8 13.0
Henry 15.9 14.9 13.4
Williams 16.1 15.1 13.8
Ohio-overall 11.8 11.5 10.7

Revised from original announcement.

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: lowest unemployment rate in the four county area. Figures are not seasonally adjusted.

Statistics are estimates from the Ohio Department

of Job & Family Services, Bureau of Labor

Market Information. Archbold Buckeye chart.

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