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County Unemployment 16% During January

An increase in the number of claims and a reduction in the size of the workforce were two factors that drove the Fulton County January unemployment rate to 16%, Brian Harter, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, said last week.

“There was a 17% increase in unemployment claims between December and January, due in large part to two major manufacturing firms having significant layoffs,” Harter said.

He could not identify the two firms.

“Also, there was a small decrease in the labor force, meaning less people looking for work,” he said.

The unemployment figures also include revised data for 2009, which is part of the ODJFS annual revision process.

The Fulton County unemployment rate for December 2009 was originally announced as 14.3%. It was revised downward to 14%. For January 2010, the unemployment rate jumped to 16%.

Williams County had the highest rate in the fourcounty area in January. December 2009 unemployment was revised up four-tenths (.4) of a percentage point to 15.3%. The January rate was up 1.1%, to 16.4%.

Defiance County had the lowest rate, at 14.1%; Henry County was 15.5%.

ODJFS estimated there were 3,700 unemployed persons in Fulton County during January. There were 19,300 who were employed, for a total labor force of 22,900. Numbers do not add due to rounding.

Unemployment ranged from a high of 19.8% in Ottawa County, which is east of neighboring Lucas County, to a low of 8.4% in central Ohio’s Delaware County.

Only nine Ohio counties had unemployment rates below 10%.

All county unemployment figures are not seasonally adjusted. Ohio’s unadjusted unemployment rate for January was 11.8%, up 1.1% from the December 2009 rate of 10.7%.

The unadjusted January figure for the United States was 10.6%.

When seasonal adjustments are applied, the national rate become 9.7%, while Ohio’s seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for January was 10.8%.–David


in the Four County area

County Nov09 Dec09 Jan10
Fulton 13.0 14.0 * 16.0
Defiance 12.2 13.5 * 14.1
Henry 12.3 13.7 * 15.5
Williams 14.4 15.3 * 16.4
Ohio-overall 10.2 10.7 10.8

Revised from original announcement.
Bold type
: lowest unemployment rate in
the four county area.
Figures are not seasonally adjusted.
Statistics are estimates from the Ohio Department

of Job & Family Services, Bureau of Labor

Market Information. Archbold Buckeye chart.

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