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County Rolls Back EMS Tax Rates

How often does an arm of government say it has too much money? That’s exactly what happened at the end of June, when the Fulton County Budget Commission opted to roll back two emergency medical service levies.

Commission members looked at the $4 million balance on the EMS books, and decided it was too much.

So they reduced a four-tenths (.4) of a mill levy to zero, and took a two-mill levy down to 1.5 mills. Property owners will pay a reduced rate, as the EMS operation draws down the $4 million into something more reasonable.

This was possible because county officials straightened out the EMS billing situation several months ago. In the past, bills were being ignored. Now, EMS is collecting the money it should from citizens and insurance companies for ambulance services.

The rollback will save the owner of a $100,000 home about $30 on next year’s tax bills.

Property taxes are a burden for any property owner. The budget commission decision to reduce the rates of the two EMS levies reduces the burden, even if only slightly.

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