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County Harvest Underway, Ag Agent Reports

Fulton County farmers are getting a start on the harvest season, Greg LaBarge, Fulton County agricultural extension agent, said Tuesday.

The soybean harvest has gotten off to a slow start, he said, as farmers are waiting for the beans to dry in the fields. That drying process is going slowly, he said.

Higher moisture content in the plants makes the stems tough, making it difficult for combine harvesting machine to work with them.

LaBarge estimated 15% to 20% of the soybean harvest is complete, and so far, reports say the bean quality is good. Yields, on a per-acre basis, are in the low 40s to mid 60s. The county’s soybean average is 41 to 42 bushels to the acre.

“Beans generally do well in a dry year,” he said.

It’s time to plant wheat, but LaBarge said some farmers are being delayed while waiting for the soybeans to dry.


The county corn harvest has just started; LaBarge estimated that perhaps 5% to 10% of the corn harvest is done.

It’s so early, LaBarage said he doesn’t have a feel for this year’s corn crop.

However, he anticipates that yield figures will be “all over the board” because of this summer’s weather patterns.

Several areas of the county missed out on critical rainfall, which will impact yield figures.


Motorists who travel Fulton County’s roads and highways need to be aware that as days get shorter, and farmers’ work hours get longer, farm equipment will travel the roads.

Large, slow-moving equipment can be encountered on the road at any time of the day or night, any day of the week.- David Pugh

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