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County General Fund Requests Top $12 Million

It’s still very early in the budgeting process, but early last month, requests for money from the 2009 Fulton County general fund were $12,123,800.

The problem: estimated general fund revenue, minus a carryover for 2009, is certified at $9,933,000.

In other words, requests for funding exceed available revenue by $2,190,800, or about 22%.

Vond Hall, Fulton County administrator, said it’s too early in the process to become concerned.

The $9.9 million-plus figure is the amount of revenue the county budget commission has certifi ed in its review of the county tax budget. The commission is made up of Roger Nagel, Fulton County prosecuting attorney; Beverly Schlosser, county treasurer; and Nancy Yackee, county auditor.

They must approve the county tax budget no later than Sept. 1 each year.

Hall said he believes the estimated revenue “is pretty conservative, even for my standards.

“I will be meeting with the budget commission members to discuss this,” he said.

“Based on our discussions, we might not be that far off,” he said.

In the past few years, Fulton County officials have battled to keep their general fund balanced. At one point the county commissioners considered asking Fulton County voters to increase the current 6.5% sales tax to an even 7%, but that proposal was sidetracked.

Hall said he should have a better handle on the 2009 general fund later this month.

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