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County Commissioners Recommend Pettisville Sidewalk Plan

Fulton County Commissioners have made a recommendation for new sidewalks in the unincorporated community of Pettisville.

The recommendations come after years of discussion and two public hearings, at which significant opposition to portions of the program were aired.

The commissioners’ recommendations will go to the Ohio Department of Transportation for final review.

Sidewalk construction, scheduled to begin next year, is being funded by a federal grant program known as Safe Routes To School, which has the goal of providing sidewalks to get children to and from schools. ODOT administers the program.

ODOT set aside $440,000 for Pettisville sidewalks.


The commissioners have recommended installing or replacing sidewalks in the following locations:

•Main Street (Co. Rd. 19); west side of the street, from 373 Main Street south to Co. Rd. D; east side of the street, from Dame Street south to Co. Rd. D, at an estimated cost of $238,870.

•Co. Rd. D, west from the school event parking lot to the east drive of the Pettisville Missionary Church, $57,725.

•Maple Street, between Dame and Summit, $28,015.

•Dame Street, between Main Street and Maple Street, $43,875.

Also included in the commissioners’ recommendation are $60,000 for signs and lights at crosswalks and additional signs.

Another $11,555 was allowed for landscaping.

The total of all work recommended is $440,040; bids may come in less than estimates.


Missing from the list of recommendations are proposed sidewalks on Main Street-Co. Rd. 19 north of the Norfolk Southern railroad crossing and south of Co. Rd. D.

People in public meetings objected to both stretches of sidewalk.

However, Vond Hall, village administrator, provided a comment sheet supporting the addition of a sidewalk north of the tracks on Co. Rd. 19.

Additional sidewalks could be added or replaced in Pettisville in future years, in later rounds of grant funding.

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