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County Board Of Elections Checking Provisional Ballots

Kathy Meyer, director of the Fulton County Board of Elections, said this week her office is continuing to check the 650 provisional ballots that were cast during the Tuesday, Nov. 4 general election.

“It’s going slow,” she said.

Those who may have moved and not updated their voter registration, or had not brought the right form of identification to the polls, cast provisional ballots. Those using a provisional ballot fill out their personal information on the outside of the ballot envelope.

Meyer said if a person moved from another county, workers make copies of the outside of the ballot envelopes, then fax them to the appropriate counties. The other counties then verify that the person did not cast a ballot in their county.

If a person moved from one Fulton County precinct to another, Meyer said they check the person’s name against the county’s voter rolls. If the person’s name appears, they allow the ballot to be counted.

The board must have the provisional ballots checked in time for Monday, Nov. 17, when the official count of the Nov. 4 ballots is conducted. Provisional ballots were not counted election night; they will be counted during the official count.

Meyer said none of the races involving candidates, tax levy requests, or ballot issues from Nov. 4 required an automatic recount.

An automatic recount is required when the margin of victory is within one-half of one percent, (.5%).

Meyer said she doesn’t believe any of the results of the Nov. 4 election will be changed as a result of the official count.

“I don’t foresee anything changing, but sometimes you get fooled,” she said.

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