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Council To Consider Urban Growth Area

Members of Archbold Village Council will study the shape of the urban growth area that surrounds the village.

At the Monday night, Sept. 22, council meeting, Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said in the 1990s, Fulton County officials developed and approved a comprehensive land-use plan for the county.

The goal, he said, was to try to leave good farmland undisturbed by development while directing development towards the communities where there are existing infrastructures (roads, waterlines, sewer lines, etc.).

Howell said it had been 10 years since the urban growth area around Archbold had been reviewed.


Starting on the north, the urban grow area boundary starts with a line a half-mile north of St. Rt. 2, from Co. Rd. 24 to Co. Rd. 21.

At Co. Rd. 21, the boundary line runs south along the county road, until Co. Rd. C, or West Barre Road, when it turns back west to Co. Rd. 21-3.

The boundary of the urban growth area continues down Co. Rd. 21-3 to Co. Rd. A, where it turns west, crosses St. Rt. 66, and ends at a point a half-mile west of Co. Rd. 24.

The line continues north, parallel to Co. Rd. 24, to a point about a half-mile north of Co. Rd. D.

It jogs to the east a little less than a half-mile to intersect Co. Rd. 24, and continues north to meet itself north of St. Rt. 2.


Council members were puzzled as to why the essentially boxlike boundary line had angles in the northwest and southeast.

Howell said he wasn’t involved in the comprehensive planning, so he didn’t know the reasoning behind the boundary line.

Kevin Eicher, councilman, suggested that the urban growth area should be squared off.

But Jeff Fryman, councilman, said county officials will want to know why the village wants the urban growth area squared.

Council agreed to review the boundary line.

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